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Extravagant fabric for a dazzling creation

Choosing the right dress for a special occasion is important, but choosing the right material for the dress is even more so, as poor material can lead to wear and tear and dull down the appearance of what would otherwise be an amazing dress. High quality dress fabric is therefore an element of the process that simply can’t be overlooked.

For beautiful fabrics in Melbourne, local ladies can trust Vivienna Lorikeet. High quality designer fabrics do not have to be expensive. Dress fabric simply has to be chosen with durability and flexibility in mind. This means that the fabric can be turned into any shape or design flawlessly. At Vivienna Lorikeet, we stock an exclusive range of high quality dress fabrics in Melbourne, in a range of designs, textures and colours to suit all tastes. When it comes to investing in your dream dress, only choose the best designer fabrics.

Exquisite high grade fabrics

Our designer Melbourne dress fabrics are colourfast and brushed with breathable material to make you look and feel glamorous. The dress fabrics we stock will have you instantly falling in love with the look and feel. At Vivienna Lorikeet we provide various fabrics to create that perfect customised piece for your special occasion. This huge range is what sets us apart as one of the best fabric stores in Melbourne. Our wide range includes:


Silk Organza

($40 - $70 p/m)

A thin, plain weave fabric that is sheer with a smooth surface. The crisp texture provides structure that is useful for adding shape and volume. It is often used in bridal wear.


Silk Georgette

($40 - $98 p/m)

A sheer, lightweight fabric that has a crepe-like texture and flowing draped look. Georgette is made of highly twisted yarns which makes it more durable than other silks.


Silk Chiffon

($40 - $129 p/m)

Chiffon derives from the French word for 'cloth' or 'rag'. Silk Chiffon is an elegant, sheer fabric that has a crepe-like texture. The fabric has some stretch and drapes beautifully, and is commonly used as an overlay for evening gowns.


Silk Satin

($55 - $399 p/m)


Silk Crepe de Chine

($55 p/m and up)

Also known as Silk CDC, this plain woven fabric is glossy and lightweight. The fabric drapes gracefully making it ideal for bridal and evening wear.


Silk Velvet

($79 - $189 p/m) 

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Embroidered Fabric

($399 p/m and up)

Embroidery is the name given to the technique of decorating fabric with a needle and thread or yarn. Embroidery can be used on a variety of fabric, and is often seen on evening wear. 


Lace / Beaded Lace

($129 p/m and up)

The ultimate bridal fabric, lace is a delicate and often fragile fabric, characterised by a transparent woven pattern. Hand beaded lace options, using glass beads and crystals also available. 



Sequinned Fabric

($129 p/m and up)

Sequinned fabrics is made by stitching round disc beads onto a fine netting fabric backing. Sequinned fabric is most often used in evening wear or costume making (especially for dance) as it has a dazzling sparkler effect.

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Digital Print Fabric

($189 p/m and up)

Digital printed fabric is an environmentally conscious way of printing onto a variety of fabric. Ask about options in store.


Designer Fabrics

Designer fabrics are a key part of creating your dream dress. When it comes to creating custom designs, high-quality fabrics are even more important, as they must have the flexibility and durability to be turned into your dream dress.

These designer fabrics can also be catered to create designs for plus size evening dresses and plus size clothing in Melbourne, made of the highest quality to create the perfect piece to show off your style and flatter your curves. We ensure that your imagination will not be limited by our dress fabrics when devising a custom design.

Vivienna Lorikeet’s gracious and refined style of dress making will give you the perfect end result, that will lead to splendid wedding dresses in Armadale. Call us at (03) 9822 3338 or visit our store at 1037 High St, Armadale today.

Wholesale Fabric Melbourne

At Vivienna Lorikeet, we don’t just serve soon-to-be brides: we also supply wholesale fabric to Melbourne retailers and business-owners. For the highest quality wholesale fabrics in Melbourne, look no further than Vivienna Lorikeet, and ensure that your customers only get the best fabrics to work with.

Lace Fabric for Dressmaking

Those wanting custom dresses can also come to Vivienna Lorikeet for dressmaking lace fabrics. The range of lace fabrics we stock are of the highest quality, yet appear extremely delicate and feminine. Their durability allows you to use the lace fabric for dressmaking, but still retain a beautifully elegant look.