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Freda Designer Wedding Gown


VL-DR 2301 4487

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Freda Bridal gown is fully beaded with pearls, sequins and beads.   The symmetrically designed sleeves fans around your body . They flow beautifully when you walk in the dress. Heavy beading to give you a stunning hourglass figure . Centre back zip . Fully lined.  

Doris Designer Gown


VLDR 2304 4511

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Doris Fully beaded gown is a stunning piece of Art with Jewels like clear drop crystals all over the body. Fully beaded background nude sequins give you a simmering effect. Centre back zip. See though effect. 


VL-DR 2107 4334

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The Sophia Bridal Gown is heavenly embellished with hand-cut flowers and petals, glass crystals and beads and sequins. The hand-beading details bring elegance and sophistication to the Half circle long skirt. With the support of 2 layers of petticoat, the bride will be moved in perfect motion and the silk organza will flow beautifully with heavily embroidered panels. 


VL-AC 2303 4507

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Step into your own fairy tale wedding with the enchanting Sofia Bridal Veil. This exquisite piece is meticulously hand-embroidered with the finest pearls and glass crystals, creating a glistening masterpiece that will leave you feeling like a true princess on your special day. Crafted with couture precision, the Sofia Bridal Veil is a testament to the artistry and skill of our talented artisans. Each delicate pearl and shimmering crystal is meticulously placed by hand, ensuring a flawless and breathtaking design that is truly one-of-a-kind. Not only does the Sofia Bridal Veil radiate elegance and grace, but it also offers a touch of versatility. Its long length creates a dramatic statement as you make your way down the aisle, while its timeless design seamlessly complements any wedding gown, from traditional to contemporary.

The delicate nude hue complements every skin tone, while the intricate white flowers and leaves add a touch of romance and femininity. Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of this veil that cas


VL-DR 2211 4482

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Ivanna Bridal dress has the most romantic embellishment wedding floral design. It stuns with the combination of handcrafted leaves and floral petals, teardrop crystals, glass beads and layers and layers of silk organza. It has a signature 1950's swing dress design with a 100 cm skirt . 2 layers of crinoline skit to give it a more full skirt look in order to make your waist look smaller and tinnier. Soft nude tone with creamy white petals to showcase the innocence of Bride and the perfect fairy tale wedding 


VL-AC 2303 4509

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This Stunning Ivanna Bridal Veil is completely hand-beaded with glass crystals, beads and hand-cut leaves. The soft see-through mesh is designed to give the bride a fairy tale shimmering. 

 1.5 metersin dimension. Full circle design. 

Angelina Designer Cocktail Swing Dress


VL-DR2110 4343 

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The Angelina Swing dress is THE dress to wear for your special occasion!  It has shimmering silver and gold glass beads all over the dress to give you the most romantic feeling when in motion.  It has a built-in corset for the super-fitted bodice. It has 7 layers of underskirts to give the princess skirt a swing shape. intensive and heavy beading.  It is  Perfect for Mother of the Brides, Mother of the Grooms, weddings and any special events.   


VL-DR 2211 4470

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The Gina Cocktail dress boasts a captivating hand embroidery that sets it apart from the rest. Delicately embroidered with metallic thread, the floral design adorns the center front and centre back, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that elongates your legs and adds an air of grace to your silhouette. This thoughtful craftsmanship not only makes you appear slimmer and taller but also showcases the mastery of our talented artisans. Embracing both style and comfort, the Gina Cocktail dress features short sleeves and a side split, allowing you to move with ease and dance the night away. The dress is designed with convenience in mind, featuring size zips that ensure a perfect fit and effortless dressing. You'll feel confident and at ease, knowing that every detail has been carefully considered.


VL-DR 2211 4473

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Fall in love with the Zara Cocktail dress, an exquisite masterpiece that will ignite your passion for elegance and grace. This hand-embroidered couture creation is meticulously crafted with the utmost attention to detail, making it a true work of art. Adorned with glass teardrop crystals and delicate scalloped edgings, this dress exudes opulence and sophistication. The light nude tulle bodice is beautifully combined with creamy and white silver beading, creating a mesmerizing contrast that will captivate all who lay eyes on it. The square neckline, elegantly fanned with scalloped edges, enhances your natural beauty and elongates your neckline, giving you a regal presence. The centre back zip ensures a seamless and flattering fit, while the full lining provides comfort and ease of movement. Prepare to be enchanted by the heavy beading that adorns this dress, adding a touch of glamour and luxury. Every stitch has been meticulously handcrafted, showcasing the dedication and skill of our artisans. With its outstanding craftsmanship, this dress is not only a statement piece but also an heirloom to cherish for generations. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for any special event, ensuring you feel like the epitome of elegance and style.  Whether you're seeking a wedding dress that combines tradition and modernity or a show-stopping ensemble for a bridal event, the Zara Cocktail dress will make you feel like a radiant bride. It is also perfect for a variety of occasions, from being the star of the evening at a cocktail party to making a memorable entrance as the mother of the brideIndulge in the allure of the Zara Cocktail dress and experience the luxury of couture fashion. Let its hand embroidery and impeccable design be a testament to your impeccable taste. Own a piece of art that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

Lilith Cocktail Dress - White / Silver (V1-C1)

VL-DR 2208 4433

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Lilith Dress is fully embellished with metallic thread in a stunning oriental floral design. It tells the story of a fairy tale garden with leaves and raindrops flowing smoothly cross the body and sleeves. Fully lined. Centre back zip. Heavy beading.