Couture Evening & Bridal Dresses

Couture Cocktail Dresses Handcrafted By Melbourne Designer

Vivienna Lorikeet proudly presents their collection of couture cocktail dresses designed and crafted in Melbourne, Australia. As a designer devoted to creating exclusive, eye-catching formalwear, Vivienna Lorikeet's couture line offers gorgeously intricate designs suitable for the most special events.

Each couture cocktail dress is made from the finest fabrics like silk, tulle, lace and chiffon and constructed using the highest quality techniques. Elegant beads, pearls, embroidered patterns and other embellishments are meticulously added by hand to elevate the dresses with couture-level finishings.

The result is a line of couture cocktail dresses that feel as luxurious and special as they look. Whether you’re seeking a subtle yet elegant gown or a show-stopping masterpiece, book a consultation with Vivienna Lorikeet where we will assist you in finding a gown tailored to your desires.

Vivienna Lorikeet's couture philosophy is that every woman deserves to feel like royalty on her special occasion. Each dress is made to order in the customer's choice of fabric and colour, with customisations available to match their individual vision and body type perfectly.

While couture-level craft is what sets Vivienna Lorikeet apart, approachability is key. The boutique studio is located in Balaclava, Melbourne and consultations are by appointment to ensure personal, stress-free service.