Over the last two decades, the Vivienna Lorikeet label has emerged in the Australian fashion capital, Melbourne, and is one of the few labels which emphasises impeccable quality, artisan design and a dedication to the use of high-end luxury fabrics.

Since establishing in 2005, Vivienna Lorikeet has applied countless hours behind the sewing machine with an understanding of the importance of colour and shape in passionately conceiving, designing, and creating exquisite gowns and dresses.

From small beginnings, the label has captivated the industry with couture designs while creating a range of classic and elegant pieces which allow women to celebrate their feminism and glamour. We see that as our mission, and our role with those customers who choose us to be their couturier.

We are known for our approach to style and luxury, our “ready to wear” collection which resonates with beautiful fabric drapings, hand-made beadwork, intricate embellishments, and fastidious attention to detail.

Today, the Vivienna Lorikeet fashion house embraces a team of dedicated pattern designers, skilled seamstresses and a creator who is able to conceive stunning pieces for women of all shapes, sizes and preferences.

We work hard to ensure all customers feel special and beautiful, and we do so by providing custom designs which apply flattering silhouettes with modern and timeless images.

We want you to standout on each and every special occasion in which you participate.