Made to Measure

The Vivienna Lorikeet label was established in 2005 with a clear emphasis on impeccable quality, artisan design and luxurious fabrics. The VL label has captivated the industry with exceptional creativity and iconic designs.


Vivienna Lorikeet custom made wedding and evening gowns are a luxurious option for finding a romantic and memorable dress for a very special occasion.

A custom made piece can be a new design or an existing Vivienna Lorikeet (VL) design custom fitted with different fabric or detailing modifications.

Starting with an initial consultation and two follow up fittings (more fittings are available when required), a custom made gown will be created by our experienced Melbourne team, including professional pattern makers and skilled machinists, using couture techniques to ensure an impeccable finish. The entire process will be guided by the designer’s expertise to ensure the perfect proportion and colour balance.

To discuss this process in more detail with a designer, please call the Armadale boutique at (03) 9822 3338, or email us at

Step One: Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a one on one meeting with the designer to design and plan the custom piece. It is recommended to bring along inspirational pictures of styles, colours and fabrics as a reference point. At the completion of the consultation, a sketch, timeline and quote will be provided.

The initial consultation is a complimentary service. Once satisfied with the design, a deposit of 50% is to be paid to start the process, which will be applied to the final payment.

Step Two: First Fitting

A mock up of the agreed upon design will be presented at the first fitting to test the look, fit and feel and ensure the design is perfect. It is important to wear appropriate shoes and under garments to get an accurate understanding of how the final dress will look and fit. During the first fitting, alterations can be made to design if need be.

Once satisfied with the design and fit, a 25% payment is required to proceed to the next step.

Step Three: Second Fitting

An almost completed dress in real fabric is presented at the second fitting. As with the previous fitting, suitable undergarments and shoes should be worn. As the piece is near completion, and cut in the actual fabric, it is not possible to make any major design changes at this point without incurring additional costs. Please note, we can make any change at any stage of the process to ensure a perfect dress is created. However, depending on the scale of the change, as well as what stage we are at, additional costs will be incurred. A quote will be provided to you before we make any further changes, to confirm you are happy to proceed. Any advice we provide is based on our professional expertise, and it is our due-diligence to ensure the dress has well balanced proportions and is suited to your body type.

The remaining 25% of the balance is to be paid after the end of the second fitting.

Step Four: Collection

At the agreed upon collection date the custom piece will be ready for collection.

Happily Ever After Policy

The Vivienna Lorikeet team is available for all after-sales customer care regarding your new custom made garment.


*All the intellectual property (patterns, designs, etc) belong to VL.

*Please keep in mind the corset design is not comfortable to wear; however, it gives you an amazing body shape. Any injury occurred by wearing the corset is not VL’s responsibility. If you are not comfortable wearing a corset, please let the designer know prior to commending this process, and the design can be adjusted accordingly.